Georgia’s Old Capital Museum at the Depot
Amy J. Wright, Ph.D., Executive Director

P.O. Box 1177 (mailing)
95 Depot Circle Drive
Milledgeville, GA 31059-1177
(former CSH campus)
Georgia's Old Capital Museum
At The Depot

Capital Campaign News

Following the recent success of Phase One, a $130,000 capital campaign to renovate “The Just Imagine Cottage”, we are launching Phase Two: securing $1.5 M by 09/01/18 to complete an extensive renovation of the Depot Building into a revenue-generating Community Theater and Event Venue.
Georgia’s Old Capital Museum at The Depot
About the “Depot Building”

Built in 1891, the CSH Depot is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and encompasses approximately 13,000 sq. ft. on two levels.  Today twenty percent of the building houses CSH documents and artifacts that are being catalogued for removal and storage.  The remainder of the building is deteriorating with no water, heat or air conditioning. There is partial power.
Once renovated, this historic structure will be Georgia’s Old Capital Museum at The Depot.  State-of-the-art interactive exhibits will chronicle Georgia and United States history-the thousands of years of Native American culture along the Oconee River, the rowdy life in Georgia’s last frontier capital, the antebellum period in Georgia when cotton was king, the tumultuous Civil War years, and the Reconstruction that followed. Two new galleries on the history of Central State Hospital and the African American community in Baldwin County will expand the visitor experience.

The 200-seat Depot Theater will host performances by The Milledgeville Players, a local theatrical group, and offer “hands on” learning experiences for high school students in stage sound and lighting, theater technology, and music production.  This venue will also satisfy a critical need for space to hold community meetings, cultural events, performing arts recitals, and social gatherings. Museum staff offices, a food service/catering vendor and a book store and gift shop to promote Georgia products, artists, and authors are integral components in the development plan.  The once vacant deteriorating Depot becomes a tourist attraction, an educational venue, and a social gathering place to make the new cultural center self-supporting.

Once the Museum staff moves into The Depot, the “The Just Imagine Cottage” becomes a perfect location for after school and summer STEAM programs for high school students including drone building, robotics, theater technology and production, and graphic arts. In addition to educating our youth, providing high school students training for jobs with good salaries, and attracting tourists on a global scale, Georgia’s Old Capital Museum at The Depot can be a scalable prototype for a statewide initiative to assist 246 communities with existing culture-based programs to reach financial sustainability by creating similar economic and workforce programs that produce high school graduates who are capable of competing for technology based jobs with good salaries.
Destination Depot Project

Shown below, Orange Area, Capital Campaign Phase II

Not shown in this floorplan, the 2nd floor and the balcony
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